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Ekowood Firewood Logs

Ekowood are suppliers of premium quality firewood logs in Edinburgh and East Lothian. Most of our dried logs are sourced from local sustainable woodlands and some come from our Bigfoot tree surgery division. The logs are cut, split, seasoned and delivered to your door to burn in your stove or fireplace.

Our fire logs are eco friendly the CO2 created by burning logs is equal to the CO2 captured during the lifetime of the tree making wood logs a carbon neutral fuel. Our logs are sourced from local trees and woodland so we don’t create enormous amounts of carbon importing wood from all parts of the world like our competitors.

Why would I need seasoned firewood you might ask?
When burning freshly cut firewood logs most of the energy is consumed to boil off the moisture within the logs, this also creates a greater amount of soot and a build up of flammable resins within the chimney. Our hardwood and softwood logs are allowed to gently air dry for several months giving you wood logs with a very low moisture content that will radiate heat quicker and burn easily.  – the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

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